At RadioShack, diversity development is not a program or a system. It is a way of life that represents a long-term investment in our future. We are committed to integrate diversity into our people programs and business practices, to consistently and fairly measure, assess and communicate our progress, and to build and grow a diverse workforce that reflects and supports the families, neighborhoods and communities we serve.

Customer, employee and're welcome at RadioShack!
RadioShack embraces America's equal opportunity ideal. Our affirmative action/equal opportunity commitment helps our stores, distribution and service centers, and offices reflect the diversity found in the many neighborhoods we serve across America.

As an equal opportunity employer devoted to diversity in the workplace, we recruit, hire, train, promote and compensate without regard to race, national origin, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability or socio-economic status. Also, our sensitivity policy places a high emphasis on the treatment of our customers by offering them a comfortable shopping environment.

In addition to our commitment to workplace diversity, RadioShack believes minority vendors and contractors enlarge the pool of qualified service suppliers. For example, RadioShack's corporate office's facilities department considers minority status as a competitive edge when hiring contractors.





An equal opportunity employer dedicated to diversity in the workplace.
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